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A Bit About the HANA Website ("...You're Soaking In It")

By Joshua Kassel

Admittedly, there's not really that much to say about a web site. It's there, people go to it, anonymous people occasionally update it, it's powered by squirrels in a treadmill.

The idea behind the HANA site is to serve our neighborhood by acting as a clearinghouse for information as well as to serve as an online portal for the community. As a user, you are welcome to use this site as you see fit. I'm Josh. I'm the person who threw this together. I'll give you the 27¢ tour of some of the major features (and I promise I'll skip the hot tub and the compost heap, which you don't want to see anyway).


This gallery shows the excitement of building and maintaining the Hedrick Acres Neighborhood Association's website. Click photos to experience the action!

HANA Site  HANA Site
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A (Sorta) Tour, In Random Order...

The Site Map contains a more thorough listing of what's here, but the highlights are:

The Front Page

The idea behind the front page is to have as much information as possible in one glance. Events for the next 30 days on the HANA calendar are listed, and if I can figure it out I'll be adding a bit of information from this section as well. Regardless, you can subscribe to the HANA Calendar RSS feed in the Quick Links section. You're also going to see some ads. The deal with this is that I am a firm believer in TANSTAAFL. We need to pay for this web site, and that's how we're going to do it.

Oh, and the Amazon box on the right. If you shop at Amazon, please start your shopping there. HANA will get a 1-6% kickback on anything you order (and it doesn't cost you any more). If you are a local business owner interested in advertising on the HANA site, Contact Us. And (ahem) if you feel like throwing some spare change our way, the Donate button is fully functional :-)


Hedrick Acres has a monthly neighborhood newsletter for all members of our neighborhood. In addition, HANA maintains two email lists: HANA News and Neighborhood Watch. You are welcome to subscribe to one or both of them on the Newsletters section of the site.


Unfortunately, a part of being a human being on the planet Earth is dealing with... nuisances and strife (at least that's the most diplomatic way I can put it). To that end, we've assembled an Issues section to the site. Here you'll find tips and tricks for dealing with problems common to the neighborhood: graffiti, animals, litter, and more.

About Us

The About Us section is a bit about the Hedrick Acres Neighborhood Association and some of the efforts we focus on to make our community a better place. There are articles about The Navajo Wash, NoTag, and more.

... And it even gives the skinny on the HANA Chicken.

Links & Resources

This section has phone numbers, web sites, and other contact information for just about everything we think you'll need: reporting nuisances, contacting the police, local city and government, utilities and services, online resources, etc.


The Articles section contains information about meetings, events, etc., that folks in the neighborhood have attended. HANA officers and some folks on the various neighborhood steering committees will be able to post content here. If you want to include an article, Contact Us. We can work something out.

Crime & Safety

Like it or not, we live in an urban environment. With that can come some unpleasantness. This section of the site gives some handy tips about how to stay safe, avoid becoming a victim of crime, and help spread the word if you have any unpleasantness to report.

...And that's it. I told you I wouldn't show you the nasty bits of the site. Of course if you have any suggestions for making the HANA webpage any better, please don't hesitate to tell us. This is an extension of your neighborhood and your community.

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