Solutions to Common Problems

Part of a safe and healthy neighborhood is neighbors who take an active role in addressing problems. If you are having a problem with something in the neighborhood, talk to your neighbor about it. Most of the time your neighbor will not be aware of the problem, and politely letting them know is usually all it takes to get it resolved (and to open a dialog with your neighbor!). However, if you are experiencing an issue you are not sure about how to address, the following are resources you can use.

What is the problem?

Click below on the type of problem you are having, then scroll down for suggestions on how to address it.

Property Code PROPERTY CODE ISSUES (weeds, junk)
 LITTER (illegal dumping, abandoned waste)

Abandoned Shopping Carts SHOPPING CARTS
Abandoned / Junked Car JUNKED CARS
Lost & Found Pets LOST & FOUND PETS


Suspicious Person / Activity SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY
Crime (Emergency) CRIME (emergency)
Crime (Non Emergency) CRIME (non-emergency)
Something Else Something else

Use SeeClickFix for Issues

Below is a map of Hedrick Acres. Click on the markers to see issues that have been reported. If you see an issue you want fixed, vote to have it fixed. If there is an issue you want to add, use the "report an issue" link above the map.

The City of Tucson monitors and acts on issues reported via SeeClickFix.

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