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Building the neighborhood

Blacklidge/Hedrick area

Posted by Linda on Monday May 05, 2014 12:05 am

Thursday, April 10, 5:30-6:30

Ward 3 Community Room, 1510 E Grant Road

Meeting Minutes


Karin is looking forward to seeing you all again to discuss ways we can work together to improve the neighborhood.  Feel free to bring anyone who is interested. 

Introductions were made around the table.


Eucalyptus Apartments: A discussion of recent events and concerns was held.

Buddy Lane Lights:

Judith and Linda presented ideas to install a dusk to dawn light on a TPD pole to improve safety on Buddy Lane. There are 7 properties on Buddy Lane -- 3 commercial properties (CODAC, Classy Closets, and vacant), 2 duplexes, and 2 residences. Linda proposed talking with CODAC and HANA to split the costs (estimated at $20/month) to install and maintain the lights. She will make contact and begin the discussion. Neighbors on Buddy Lane will be included in the decision for the best location of the light.

Annual Cleanup:

Neighbors again expressed their gratitude for the cleanup on 800 block of Blacklidge.

TPD Officers Travers and Hudson put together a very successful cleanup and community-building event last year. Kate and Linda will work on getting a date set and rolloffs in place to do a cleanup again this year, but not on the scale that Travers and Hudson were able to accomplish.


TPD Wilson stressed that appropriate lighting is a good deterrent. HANA will investigate where we can improve. Signage (surveillance camera in place, etc)  is not as effective as lighting.

Park Avenue Enhancement Project

pathways along N. Park Avenue

Posted by Linda on Sunday May 04, 2014 11:54 pm

Park Avenue Enhancement Project, Speedway to Fort Lowell


A planning meeting was held on April 22, 2014 6-7:30 pm, at the Ward 3 Office 1510 E Grant, for the Park Avenue Transportation Enhancement Grant project.


If you have feedback about what was decided or want to discuss this please contact Linda (drew_linda@hotmail.com).


Four of the five neighborhoods were present (North University was not able to attend).


 Tom Weideman, project manager, reported to representatives of the five neighborhoods who submitted the TE grant in 2007 (Feldman's, North University, Jefferson Park, Mountain/1st and Hedrick Acres).  The project will improve pedestrian and bicycle amenities along Park from Speedway to Fort Lowell and will consequently impact Grant Road design plans for the potential green basin at the intersection with Grant.
Improvements under discussion included a pedestrian pathway that will run along the west side of Park except for a segment on the east side from Copper to Blacklidge, enhanced pedestrian crossings at two intersections, upgrading or reconstructing bicycle lanes, and landscaping with water harvesting.  The project was approved as a pilot for the use of DG pathways and TDOT is exploring the maintenance issues related to that; there are bits and pieces already paved in concrete or asphalt and many, many driveways that will cut across the path.
A comprehensive and thoughtful discussion followed and an agreement was reached for the plan. The decision will be presented to all neighborhoods to inform them of the plans; the Open house will be held in late June. I think everybody is ready to move this project along as expeditiously as possible. Construction is planned for summer 2015.


Here's a summary of discussion items:
The meeting opened with introductions followed by Tom summarizing the Enhancement/ Project Assessment documents and our January meeting topics of NA representatives concerns including certain material costs, path maintenance responsibility and water harvesting features.  This introduction was followed by a question and answer session which included the following topics:
A.  Will asphalt go in?  TDOT responded that asphalt will not be used as part of the path at this time.  It was the least receptive between using stabilized soil, concrete or asphalt.
B.  What material will be used at the driveways?  TDOT responded that there are a few curbed openings where concrete sidewalk will go to match existing and include concrete between the curb and sidewalk.  At other uncurbed driveway locations only the planned path will be installed and will extend across the property.
C.  Where will water harvesting areas and trees be located?  TDOT used an aerial roll plot and Google street view technology to demonstrate to the team where harvesting and trees will likely be placed given the limited ROW and utility restrictions.  It was recognized that further review of the harvesting area near the SW corner of Park/Copper Streets will be considered due to the asphalt in the area and the bus stop location.  The 60% modified aerial roll plot used has been uploaded to the TDOT site and is located at  http://www.tucsonaz.gov/projects/transportation-enhancement-grant-projects#park. 
D.  What are the limits of the Grant Road at Park Avenue intersection reconstruction?  TDOT responded that enhancements to Park Avenue north of Grant will extend to the northerly portion of the bank site and south of Grant improvements will extend approximately a block and a half.  Improvements will include curbing and sidewalk.  Further review to keeping in place as much of the Park Avenue Enhancement Improvements as safely possible will be looked at during the Grant Road Improvement project reviews.
Other notable comments:
1.  The NA team was not agreeable to utilizing project $$ to provide pedestrian access requested by the U of A.
2.  The NA representatives will further discuss the project with their respective residents and provide TDOT feedback within a week.
3.  TDOT will tentatively prepare for an open house to be held in June.


Dog Found - Sat, Oct 5 2013, 9:00 a.m.

Friendly Husky found on 3000 block N Mountain Ave

Posted by Robert on Saturday October 05, 2013 4:38 pm

Dog Found - Sat, Oct 5 2013, 9:00 a.m.

A loose male Husky (pictured) with no collar or identification was found this morning along Mountain Avenue just south of Fort Lowell Road.  He was very friendly and approachable.  If you know who owns this beautiful dog contact us, reply to the notice on our Yahoo Group if you're a member, or call 319-8268 and leave a message, and we will notify the people who found the dog.

What's New in Hedrick Acres - July 2013

How to stay up to date with the neighborhood and other items of interest

Posted by Robert on Wednesday July 10, 2013 5:05 pm

Greetings neighbors and visitors to our website!

With our switch over to a Hedrick Acres Yahoo Group to better facilitate two way communication between neighbors, the website has been inactive until recently.  I thought I'd post a summary of a couple of recent additions to the website and some links to several useful sources of information for those who are interested in keeping up with what's going on in our neighborhood, Ward 3 and the city.  Much of this information was included in our recent printed newsletter which was mailed to the entire neighborhood.

If you are a Hedrick Acres resident, property owner or business person, we recommend signing up for our Yahoo Group by going to this page and clicking the "Join This Group" button, then following the instructions.  If you do not wish to sign up for a Yahoo account, but still want to receive the emails, contact us and we will send an invitation which includes the option to sign up to join only the mailing list.  We created a handy PDF guide which details the steps in the joining process.

New additions to the website are the Neighbor Profiles pages and a page about our recent Arboretum Nature Path project to enhance the Navajo Wash pocket park.

A good website to bookmark is the Neighborhood Support Network.  In addition to providing listings of the most recent Police Incidents and Code Enforcement activities in each neighborhood, it posts updates on city wide efforts on various topics, including graffiti, and has compiled a list of neighborhood coalitions city-wide.

Another good resource is the Ward 3 webpage where you can sign up to receive council member Karin Uhlich's weekly newsletter via email and view past postings (see the right hand column), to keep up to date on what issues are being addressed by the city council, and see listings of neighborhood and regional events of interest.

Also on the city's website you can learn about graffiti removal services (graffiti report form here), code enforcement issues (report form here), and how to report street maintenance issues, among many other things.

For events going on at our local library, you can sign up to receive the Woods Memorial Library newsletter on this page.  Our library hosts many activities, classes and services for youth and adults alike, in addition to having great books, CDs and DVDs to borrow.

Last but not least, we have an amazing organization serving seniors in many mid-town neighborhoods including ours:  Lend A Hand.  They provide free services such as transportation to and from shopping and doctor appointments, friendly visits and phone calls, light yardwork and light housekeeping, to enable needy seniors to stay relatively independent and continue living in their own homes.  Please check them out and give them whatever support you can.  Volunteers are always welcome (especially drivers).  And don't hesitate to contact them if you are, or know, a senior in need of services.



Graffiti Update

Addressing the current state of graffiti abatement efforts in the City of Tucson

Posted by Robert on Wednesday January 04, 2012 9:38 pm

Hello HANA neighbors;
Recently I had the opportunity to meet Officer Jack Woolridge, who is currently in charge of the anti-graffiti efforts of the Tucson Police Department, when we both spoke at the Campus Farms NA meeting in December.  He has emailed me an open letter to the community which he has asked me to share with you.  In the letter, he talks about efforts that are underway to combat the graffiti problem, but he wishes to make the point that without some changes, including greater community involvement, we cannot adequately address the problem and find solutions.
Remember that there are several ways you can report graffiti to the city for removal:
If you are currently removing graffiti yourself from your street or property and can provide photos of the graffiti prior to its removal, it will help TPD in prosecution of offenders if you report it using the webform listed above.  Just make sure you mark the "Yes" button under the heading: "Removed Graffiti Yourself?" 
Here is Officer Woolridge's letter:
Ladies and Gentlemen, E-mail seems to always be the best way to communicate about issues that concern us all. As a member of the community and the Graffiti Sergeant with the Tucson Police Department, I have felt and heard all of your frustrations with Graffiti. But through your ideas and discussions, we are on our way to giving the community and Tucson Police Department better tools with which to address these issues. 

Due to the huge increases in graffiti, this has become a hot topic of concern. The City of Tucson has established resources to assist in dealing with this epidemic but without Community awareness these goals will fall short. 

As I have said numerous times, This is a community problem and your public servants are here to work with you to address the issue. But, this is a community problem that we all need to work together on. 

On that note, I want to discuss some issues that through your support we have been working on.

The Downtown Partnership started a project in July to deal with their overwhelming issue of Graffiti within the City. As a project area, they were getting tagged twice as many times as any other part of the City of Tucson.  The City of Tucson Police Department with assistance of Council Members Kozachik and Romero worked with the neighborhoods to develop a pro-active approach to dealing with Graffiti.  The plan involved several Community efforts.  The Neighborhoods took ownership of the project as their own with the knowledge that their public servants were here to support them.

The plan involved several elements that we found to be crucial to the success.

. Community Ownership and Education
. Reporting of Graffiti immediately and removal within 24 hours
. Community participation 
. Working with the youth to educate
. Working through their Public Servants and fixing the problem 
. Public Safety 
. Enforcement 
. Prosecution 
. Rehabilitation

Through this project, we all learned quickly the pitfalls to our Community Efforts.

If we remove Graffiti within 24 hours it does not return right away but will at a later date or somewhere else. But, if left it becomes a magnet for other tags. 

We, as a Community

1) have done a poor job in rehabilitating these offenders and stronger efforts need to be added. 
2) do not understand what has added to the Graffiti epidemic of today. Our history lessons have been forgotten. 
3) are spending a large amount of money in the abatement (clean up) only. 

Through these lessons we have made these changes...

We do not have a true Cost Analysis to deal with Restitution for Graffiti. For this a lot of offenders slip through the cracks and do not pay for the damage they have done. The Tucson Police Department Budget section has created a system and now await approval of City Council. 

The Downtown Community Project, Tucson Police Department and Transportation Department with the assistance of Council Member Kozachik are working with the Utility companies to address the financial burden that has been placed on the tax payers.

Council Member Kozachik and Uhlich have addressed the need for additional legal resources to deal with this problem. 

Director of City Prosecutor Office, Baird Greene is working with the Tucson Police Department to provide resources and legal expertise. 

Council Member Uhlich has agreed to meet with the Tucson Arts Council and has set a Special Session with Council on February 7, regarding Graffiti.

We are on our way to a positive change but this will have to continue to be addressed as a Community effort with your Public Servants here to support your cause. 

If there are any further questions and suggestions please forward them to me. I have heard numerous suggestions that I have been able to work with to further our efforts. 

Jack Woolridge
Tucson Police Department
Bicycle Administrative / Graffiti / YNIDI
Jack.Woolridge -at- tucsonaz.gov

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