Neighbors Organized To Abolish Graffiti (NoTAG)

NoTAG's History

NoTAG (Neighbors Organized To Abolish Graffiti) is a volunteer group of Hedrick Acres residents which formed in 2006 and began removing graffiti regularly in the neighborhood in May of that year. Initially, four or five regular volunteers went out once a week and patrolled the entire neighborhood, removing what they could and reporting the rest to the city for professional removal. NoTAG Chart
NoTAG Stats (click to enlarge)
Currently there several volunteers removing graffiti from specific areas of the neighborhood, but the entire neighborhood is no longer being patrolled regularly.

In January of 2007, NoTAG began a partnership with the city's Department of Neighborhood Resources (now Housing and Community Development) to share graffiti removal tips and techniques with other neighborhoods. To date, NoTAG has participated in seven training workshops organized by DNR, one workshop sponsored by the Ward 3 Office, and has spoken at more than 16 neighborhood association meetings, in addition to working on two major graffiti cleanup projects in other neighborhoods under the auspices of the United Way's "Days of Caring" program and helping with the Amphi Neighborhood graffiti cleanup event in March 2010.

NoTAG can always use more volunteers and is willing to provide training to anyone interested in learning graffiti removal techniques. Through experience, NoTAG members have learned the best way to work on various surfaces and types of tags to remove graffiti as non-destructively as possible. If you want to remove graffiti near your house, but don't want to officially join NoTAG, please do still contact us for training or advice, as some signs and surfaces can be damaged by improper removal attempts. Drop us a line in the Contact Us section of this site!

So far, over 7,066 tags have been removed from the Hedrick Acres Neighborhood. The amount of graffiti spiked in 2009 but has come down a bit since (see chart).

By roughly one year increments since we started, here are the number of new tags we've seen:

  • May 2006-May 2007 = 824 tags
  • June 2007-May 2008 = 711 tags
  • June 2008-May 2009 = 2434 tags
  • June 2009-May 2010 = 1931 tags
  • June 2010-Mar 2011 = 1129 tags

At peak activity, NoTAG was using about $30-40 worth of materials every month. The Neighborhood Association has provided reimbursement for some of those materials, and some residents have generously donated money specifically for graffiti removal. Heartfelt thanks go out to all who support NoTAG's efforts!

Last updated April 2011.

Help Combat Graffiti

For more information about how to remove graffiti in your own neighborhood, download the NoTAG Brochure  PDF.

For further tips, see page 3 of our November 2010 newsletter  PDF.

If you would like to make a donation to HANA to help graffiti removal efforts, you can Contact Us to arrange a donation by check or cash.

Or you can donate online via PayPal:

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Some of the graffiti NoTAG has cleaned up. Click the pictures to see before and after images:

Before and After 1  Before and After 2  Before and After 3  Before and After 4  Before and After 5  Before and After 6  Before and After 7  Before and After 8  Before and After 9  Before and After 10
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